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Free Vending Machine with Free Vending Service

Get a vending machine installed for FREE. NO Fees, NO Contract, FREE Installation, FREE Delivery , FREE Vending Services.


How It Works is a vending service for people that want to enjoy the benefits of a FREE serviced drink, snack, coffee,  combo vending, pizza, flower, PPE, healthy or custom machine on their premises.

The way we work is simple:

If you’re interested in a vending machine submit your requirements on our registration page. We will then call you back to verify your vending machine request.

One of our team will then call you to make a convenient time to come and see you and your site. An appointment to see you is important. Details about your preferred choices in stock, servicing frequency, prices etc are all discussed between you and your vending machine operator, face to face.

From that time, it is an easy process… they arrive on the day specified… install your FREE vending machine with your product choices and then come back each week or more frequently if required…  to Restock & refill your machine.

All or any issues with your machine from restocking or in the event of a breakdown or coin jam go to your operator or email us and it will be usually fixed within a 3-4 hour period , as we also have Service Technicians in every capital city in Australia.

Our services are completely free for anyone that registers via our website.





Who Are We?

We organize, for you, the supply of a FREE Vending Machine Service.This is designed for people like you that need vending machines at your facility without having to purchase and service the vending machine yourselves. We have been in the Vending Business for over 12 years and have a vast amount of industry knowledge.

Why Us?

Being a business owner... your business is unique to you, this is your field of specialty. So purchasing, or servicing, a vending machine in your business is not something you are specialised in or would want to do.... but it would be great for someone else to do it for you.




How Do We?

Our Free Vending Machine full service program is at NO COST to you. We organize up to date vending machines that are technologically enhanced, state of the art quality vending machines with Cashless Technology.




You Can Choose From A Variety Of Drinks

Register For A Free Vending Machine.